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In November 2006 I finally published my second novel with an online publisher called lulu.com.   It is about a small town police chief chasing terrorists in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley the week following the 9-11 attacks. I had previously submitted the book to a number of publishers. They were concerned that it was too soon after that awful day to publish a novel about terrorists in America.  There was also concern it was politically incorrect, or even racist, since the bad guys in the novel are middle easterners.  Since I could not figure out what other nationality to make the bad guys I published the book this way.  It is available from the publisher for $18.00 plus mailing.   There is also a Large Print Edition at a higher price because of the number of pages.  Either would make a lovely gift. The book will also be available soon on Amazon but the price will be higher.  Here is a sample chapter.
NEW Edition of Previous Novel
I originally published this novel about a murder trial in Virginia, with another publisher, in 2000.  Most people who read it liked it.  I got good reviews on Amazon.com.  After it was published and I reread it I could not resist making small changes to make it better.  I also thought at $24.99 it was too expensive.  So after publishing the new novel I published a new edition of this one.  It is now $17.75 plus mailing and available from the new publisher.  There is also a Large Print Edition.  These reprint editions will only be available on the publisher's website.  Here is a sample chapter.  Several old friends I had not heard from in many years contacted me after finding this book on the Internet.  Hopefully I will hear from even more now.

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And we have Gracie's Baby Book on line now.  If you would like a beagle of your own they have some wonderful dogs on the BREW website who need forever homes.